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To create a fulfilling work environment for our employees and thus working together positively to provide the best solutions for our clients.

  • Create an environment where employees work with satisfaction, fulfillment, and continue to grow.
  • Provide exceptional services to satisfy, impresses clients, as well as to keep being repeated.
  • Expand our business globally by promoting diversity and increasing competitiveness.
  • Continue to create new businesses and value by accepting transformation and through taking on new challenges.
  • Generate high profit in order to give back to employees and society.
  • Provide a comfortable work environment with a touch of "fun".
  • Value gratitude, respect, and unity.
  • Grow together and continue to evolve.
  • Initiate and welcome change.
  • Provide top tier service of exceptional quality and speed.
  • Keep an active and professional mindset.
  • Enhance value and surpass expectations.

Representative's message

Our company started with consulting services catered to pharmaceutical companies. Currently, we provide business support services, BPO services, and IT solution services, offering solutions for various needs and challenges pharmaceutical companies face. Recently, we have been focusing on expanding our overseas operations, aiming to serve as a bridge between Japan and abroad. We strive to meet and exceed client expectations by offering our solutions carried out by our team of professionals, with the ultimate goal of contributing to the success of client businesses and, ultimately, to the overall advancement of medicine and healthcare.

To achieve this, we believe it is crucial to create an environment where employees are satisfied and can grow. The growth of employees contributes to the growth of the organization, leading to the expansion of our business and the company as a whole.

While we plan to expand our workforce in line with business growth, our commitment to providing a conducive environment for employee satisfaction and growth remains unchanged, regardless of how large our organization becomes. At Seven to One, we are dedicated to achieving high employee satisfaction and continually providing our clients with high-quality and flexible services.

Yuta Takahashi, President & CEO


Company Information
Company NameSeven to One, Inc.
CEOYuta Takahashi
EstablishedJanuary 2011
CapitalJPY 10 million
Company AddressiD EBISU, 3-17-15 Higashi,
Shibuya-ku, Tokyo 150-0011, Japan
Permission NumbersTemporary Employment Staffing Agency:Ha 13-315846
Employment Agency: 13-ユ-3151
Staffing services are performed under authorized registration.
PartnersSophos IT Services LLC
Share Site, Inc.
Takumi Information Technology
Jan 2011 Founded in Kawasaki, Kanagawa
Apr 2013 Started CRO and Consulting services
Feb 2015 Moved to Shibuya ward, Tokyo
Apr 2019 Established partnership with Sophos IT Services LLC
May 2019 Established partnership with Share Site, Inc.
Dec 2020 Established partnership with Nubinno
Apr 2022 Obtained permissions to conduct Temporary Employment Staffing Agency services
Dec 2022 Established partnership with Takumi Information Technology
Apr 2023 Obtained permissions to conduct Employment Agency services


Yuta Takahashi

Prior to founidng Seven to One, Yuta was responsible for sales, recruiting, and project management in the healthcare division at one of Japan's top consulting firms. Yuta possesses expertise in clinical development, biostatistics, data management, IT system development, and project management.

Kodai Morimoto
VP, Corporate Administration Unit

Through his 14 years experience at a major Japanese consulting firm, Kodai primarily focused on the pharmaceutical and energy industries. His experience spans from new business development, business process improvement, IT strategy development, managing large-scale project management offices (PMOs), and providing support for system implementation. In his current role, Kodai serves as the head of business development, taking responsibility for various proposals aimed at solving client challenges, expanding and strengthening client solutions, and enlarging partnerships.

Yuji Hata
Director, Consulting Business Unit

With a background working at multiple consulting firms, Yuji is experienced in the safety information management department for pharmaceutical companies, business process reengineering (BPR), and implementation and support of safety databases. He is currently responsible for a wide range of proposals to tackle client challenges and to strategize business expansion at Seven to One.